Clan Requirements - READ before posting

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Clan Requirements - READ before posting

Post by [LMS]MohanadKiller on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:28 am

[*]You gotta play fair and be checked for any lag issues/hacks.
[*]You need to have the willing to play/help the clan members and allies.
[*]You have to duel at least 2 of the clan high ranked members such as MohanadKiller, Danny or Star and have their opinion of your playing/skills written on your joining form. This is called "Acceptance duel(s)".
[*]Always/try to be active, if you're gonna be inactive for some time then you gotta let an admin/mod (here) or founder/leader (in-game) know.
[*]You gotta have been in GamerX for 3 months, minimum. Or you have been very known lately.
[*]If you meet all these requirements, don't hesitate to post this joining form in a new topic (with the subject "Name - FORM") created in this same section "Clan Recruitment" with this information filled:

In-game Name:
Current Kills/score:
Current Deaths:
Previous Clans and why did you leave them/get kicked? (leave blank if none):
Favorite Team:
Previous Kicks:
Real Name:
English skills (0~10):
Where are you from:
When are you mostly on:
Why do you want to join LMS:
Do you think you will be a proud member of LMS:
Acceptance Duels opinion/result:

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