Clan Requirements - READ before posting

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Clan Requirements - READ before posting

Post by [LMS]Danny on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:35 am

In order to join our clan, you gotta meet these requirements, if you do, then don't hesitate to post the joining form right away (instructions given at the end of this topic):

  1. You gotta have been in Partyserver for 3 months, minimum. Or you have been very known lately.
  2. You gotta play fair and be checked for any lag issues/hacks.
  3. You gotta have at least 2500 kills to join us, with sawn-off/deagle skills of course.
  4. You need to have the willing to play/help the clan members and allies.
  5. We don't usually get previously banned players, unless under specific conditions, which you gotta talk about to any of us before sending in your form. 
  6. Always/try to be active, if you're gonna be inactive for some time then you gotta let an admin/mod (here) or founder/leader (in-game) know.
  7. You don't have to be a pimp (as most of us) but it's preferred for a nice team gameplay.
  8. We are right now allies with [DIE] clan members, so try not to kill one of them accidentally. If someone of them killed you, report back to either any of LMS high ranked members or DIE's.
  9. You have to duel at least 2 of the clan high ranked members such as MohanadKiller, Danny or Star and have their opinion of your playing/skills written on your joining form. This is called "Acceptance duel(s)".

If you meet all these requirements, don't hesitate to post this joining form in a new topic (with the subject "Name - FORM") created in this same section "Clan Recruitment" with this information filled:
Application Format:
In-game Name:
Current Kills/score:
Current Deaths:
Previous Clans and why did you leave them/get kicked? (leave blank if none):
Favorite Team:
Previous Kicks:
Real Name:
English skills (0~10):
Where are you from:
When are you mostly on:
Why do you want to join LMS:
Do you think you will be a proud member of LMS:
Acceptance Duels opinion/result:

- Danny.


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