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Partyserver Updates Log

Post by [LMS]Danny on Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:27 am

This topic will include all of the updates that happen to the server itself by any of the main admins of Partyserver. This will be an up-to-date topic starting from the date of the creation of this forum.

  • October/November Update:

RedShirt wrote:- Longer spawn check for carbombs
- New buildings between nangs and swat, the building also now has some enter/exit markers to get on the balcony outside.
- Additional grafitti location and led screens
- A permanent fix for using sawnoffs on jetpack: a no is a no. 
- Additional anti-cheat improvements
- Kills also now check if you are a team player - if you are killing with teammates nearby you - expect this to count in achievements in the future, because playing as a team is encouraged. 
- Admins can switch damage on / off in events for special purposes and managing events. 
- Shopping pier is back
- A new /settings option which makes you spawn without the default melee weapons (useful if you don't like canes shovels and flowers and shit..) - this option currently isn't saved to account, but it will be in further updates, so for now you need to set it whenever you join the server. 
- Additional high ping analysis: framework to analyze unstable pings and not just high pings.
- New client update came out from sa-mp team, the game will notify you to update it if you connect with old client.
- RC Cam: disabled driveby on this dangerous box.
- Car bomb event world damage bug: fixed
- /setemail now requires email confirmation
- Better tracking on who's destroying vehicles, vehicle kills are logged separatedly now (including stuff like a rustler killing a tank - for events) 
- New command: /nearby - lists nearby players, their teams and their vehicles in your streaming radius (also works if you are spectating) - this should make it easier to find moving people when you couldn't see who was nearby. 
- New command /country - lists all players from your same country currently ingame - this will make it easier for people to find people with common language and help organise playing as teams.


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