Rules of the clan

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Rules of the clan

Post by [LMS]Danny on Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:09 am

Welcome to the official forums of Last Man Standing clan of Partyserver!

   We're happy for your stay here and hope you enjoy being proud of holding the tag of our clan, of course, as long as you follow all the rules that you should have already known from the main server.Here are the few things you gotta follow to keep yourself a member of the clan or to join us (these aren't the requirements though):    

  • Be polite, either with clan members or anyone in Partyserver.
  • Always help your clan mates if you happen to see them in a problem in the game.
  • Play fair. If you're caught doing any hack things as of aimbot, speed hack, hh, etc. you will get yourself out of the clan (and the server probably).
  • Don't make problems with our allies, friends don't hurt.
  • It's 99% a must that you always wear our clan tag "[LMS]" before your name.

That's all for now, but keep checking from time to time because there might be some updates.

Keep calm and be the last man standing!

- Danny.


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